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The Fierce Dragon ultramarathon event is an H9 branded race sponsored by HardAss Events (HAE). The races that are a part of this event are held on the Duncan Ridge in northern Georgia in the vicinity of Blairsville. The races are operated out of the Vogel State Park which has facilities to support the logistics and parking needed for the event. The Fierce Dragon event starts on Tuesday, with different start days for each race, and all racing ends on Sunday morning. The race course uses the Coosa Loop, Duncan Ridge, and Benton Mackaye trails, plus some Forest Service roads. For the 40 mile loop, approximately 37 miles are marked trail, 2 miles are essentially a jeep trail, 0.5 miles are a gravel road, and 0.5 miles are pavement inside the Park. The elevation gain per mile averages is roughly 310 feet. About one half of the course has moderate elevation change; however, the other half of the course has elevation changes that exceed 500 feet per mile (95 meters/km). This is a winter race so runners must dress appropriately if they hope to finish. This takes place in Georgia so runners need to contend with two types of wind chill; sub-freezing temperature wind chills that often result in wind chill temps below 0 degrees F, and evaporative cooling wind chill comes from saturated layers being exposed to wind (typically this is caused by rain or a winter mix of precipitation driven by wind 30 mph or greater). It may seem a bit nuts to hold this type of event in January, but with appropriate clothing this race course is easier to complete in the winter than the summer. Come out and enjoy!

H9 Fierce Dragon



What is this Dragon? Why so Fierce?

Fierce Dragon is an H9 event comprised of two races, a 100 mile race designated as the 'Firestarter' and a 200 mile race designated as 'Full Fury'. The races start on different days, but all racing ends on Sunday morning.

Mud Crawl


Take it to your limits

The FD Full Fury 200 involves 10 traverses of the main ridge line of the Duncan Ridge for the equivalent of 5 laps between Vogel State Park and Skeenah Gap. The outbound traverse goes over the Wolf Creek river crossing. The inbound traverse uses FS Roads 108/107 to reach Burnett Gap (Hwy 180). A short loop around the Park lake is required on each lap to reach a total of 40 miles for each lap. Only full laps, Vogel-to-Skeenah-to-Vogel, will be counted. The race has no entry requirements because the course is fairly well contained and if the runner can no longer continue under their own power, then he/she will be shuttled back to Vogel to turn in their bib. The course will be relatively well marked, so for the navigationally challenged most of your worries should be minimized.

Tire Run


A smaller test of the Dragon

The FD Firestarter 100 is a 100 mile race that takes place on the last 2 days of the 200M race. This race starts on Friday morning (8am) and ends on Sunday morning (8am) giving 48 hours to complete 100 miles. The course involves 4x full traverses of the Duncan Ridge (2 laps) and 2x half traverses of the Duncan Ridge (Vogel to Mulky and back). This event does not have a daily progress minimum, instead there are cutoff times at the 1.5 lap point, at the completion of 2 laps, a 90 mile cutoff at Bryant Gap, and hard cutoff of 48 hours at the start/finish line.


405 Vogel State Park Rd
Blairsville, Union County 30512


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