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fierce dragon

Volunteers are welcome!! Races covering five days require lots of support, so the race staff is almost always in need of assistance. You have an open schedule? You like watching people suffer? Then see below for volunteer credit for your time.

*Volunteer Credit*

Volunteers accumulate credit time that can be used to offset race entry at HAE events - and for discounts for race swag. The credits are set at a daily rate of 12 credits per day; and then are prorated to ½ day or multi-days of volunteering time. Approximately 50 credits would match the entry cost for the Base option of the FD 200 miler. Credits are used as a discount; and may be used to discount entry fees up to 95% of the total entry fee. Credits may be transferred to other runners. The cash value of a credit is zero dollars. Note that although HAE is a sponsor of the H9 Trail Club event H9 Dragon, H9 Dragon is a club event that is funded by member dues and does not share costs with HAE.

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